Storage Auctions

California has over 3,000 self storage facilities. Each month over 800 tenants abandon their storage unit and the contents are sold at auction. This is a tremendous opportunity for you to profit by purchasing the contents and selling to the public.What can be found in these storage units?

  • Excess inventory from manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers – some of which may be extremely valuable.
  • Tools and machinery.
  • Household goods – appliances, furniture, and much more.
  • Cars and trucks.

O’Briens’s Auction and Vehicle Lien Service is California’s oldest and most reputable auction business. For the next auction near you, please see our Auction Schedule.

Become a Successful Buyer

1. Plan one day ahead - All auctions are subject to cancellation in the event of settlement between the landlord and obligated parties! Many delinquent tenants will wait to the very last moment to satisfy their obligation. When you phone the site to confirm that the auction is still going as scheduled, inquire about how many potential lots or units might be going up for auction, and don’t forget that it is still subject to change!2. Consistency - If you are planning to earn good money in the storage auction game, you need to be consistent! The more storage auctions you attend, the better your percentages get with purchasing units. With the amount of auctions listed in California Storage Auction News you can sometimes view up to 70 units or lots a day. The percentages of finding a good purchase gets much higher if you have a chance to view more units! It’s the old numbers game!3. Tools - Best place to start is with us! Other tools that are advised to aquire in advance are simple to do. Invest in a few padlocks to secure your unit once you’ve been claimed as the winning bidder. If you don’t have your own lock, you may be able to purchase one from the facility. Your second best investment tool besides a padlocks, would be a strong flashlight. Viewing the units or lots from the entrance area is almost impossible to do without good strong flashlight. You never know what is hidden in the very back of a dark unit!

4. Solve the Puzzles - The way a lot or a unit looks can clue you into potential value. Add up the total scenario; Is there name brand merchandise? Are the boxes sealed and taped? Are the boxes sealed and re-taped? Do the boxes appear to be purchased for storage or does it look like they came from the back of your local grocery store? Are the boxes carefully marked with content information? Do the boxes have a moving company’s name on them (professional movers can be expensive)? Are there any addresses visible on any of the boxes or suitcases that appear through out the unit (A Beverly Hills Address would be interesting)? How is the condition and quality of the furnishings? Does the furniture appear to be a complete household? Can you see any ornate or antique looking furniture table legs? Is there a lot of dust settled high on the contents of the unit, this could mean someone has paid rent on the storage space for a several years.